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Banner: GambOS Alpha 3 released

Welcome to Gambas ShowCase

In an effort to promote the beauty, ease and power of Gambas3 a few projects where started aiming at:
1. Project GambOS: Easy available distribution for beginning developers with Gambas3 development environment pre installed;
2. Project HowToGambas3: As set of good guides to learn develop applications with Gambas3;
3. Project Gambas3 ShowCase: Show off what can be done with Gambas3.

Project 'Gambas3 ShowCase' aims at point 3, showing off applications developed using Gambas3

For this 2 applications have been developed:

1. ShowCase: Application that acts as a software center for Gambas3 applications. Gambas3 applications are shown per category and can be easily installed (or downloaded);

2. ShowCaseMetaPackager: Application for Gambas3 developers who wish to apply their application as candidate to be shown in ShowCase.
It makes a metapackage of their project to be send to the ShowCase Candidate Test Team for approval (see Gambas developer for more details).
It is also usefull when testing your own applications on several distributions to report back to youself using the Add ons (as of Alpha 3) to make report packages and use the build in Report installer and Review report utility to review your test results.

ShowCaseMetaPackager ShowCaseMetaPackager
ShowCaseMetaPackager ShowCaseMetaPackager

Check the ShowCase Forum (see top menu) for more details on ongoing developments.